The Adventure Continues

Closing in on 60, Melissa (Liz) Rosaaen and her husband Rick begin yet another chapter of their life: Repatriation, Rural Relocation and Re-Connecting. Who knew that returning to America from Thailand would be its own adventure? We are still adjusting to stateside living and still missing our international life. The upside?  Seeing our American home in a brand new, and often, hysterically funny light. I never knew that the “way too cool” and very “woke” Pacific Northwest could create such eye opening experiences. (Eg. Socks.  Always.  With shoes, without shoes – but mostly with your Birkenstocks.)

Join us on our continued journey of impulsivity and curiousity. Based on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, we are always on the look out for new and interesting life opportunities…

Next up: Cycling from Lisbon to Amsterdam. Click on the button at the top to find out more!

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