Thank God for Naive Optimism

As I write this, I am catapulted back to 2016, when we were embarking on our two year adventure in Thailand.  That first blog was so rosy and hopeful and so very naive. Frankly, if we had known more, Rick and I probably would have opted for a “safer” choice. Luckily, we did not and our lives were forever changed by the ups and downs of living in a culture so very different from our own. I have never regretted it for a moment.

And now we are embarking on a different sort of adventure. An adventure for which we are possibly overly hopeful and optimistic. In fact, it’s possible we have been completely naive. But, we’re doing it anyway.  What did that one person say that one time? “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

In just three short weeks, we will be flying to Lisbon, Portugal, with our own bikes (boxed according to airline guidelines) where we will begin a 10 week “Bike Pack” trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are doing this alone – no guided group. However, we are working  with HC Tours to create our route for the first two weeks, and then from there, we will navigate and plan everything independently. But even the first two weeks will not be supported.  We are just getting a GPS file from our new best friend, Aigars.

So let’s get the numbers straight:

Rick: nearly 61

Liz: nearly 60

Days cycling: 60-65

Miles per day: 30-50

Total miles: approx 1500 miles

Luggage carried on each bike: 20-35 lbs (still working that out)

Number of trains taken (to rest sore behinds): As many as needed

So, what’s our Why? So simple. We are not getting any younger.  

And, the other reason. I’m betting everybody out there has this other reason too.  It’s that “thing.” That thing we wanted to do right after we finished college and before we settled into our work lives and started a family.   But, somehow it didn’t happen.  We got jobs and got busy and WE JUST DIDN’T DO IT.

So with my creaky knees and Rick’s brand new hip, we’re doing it. I mean, we’re already over the hill so it’s a downhill ride, right? That’s a really good thing for cyclists.

Thank God for Naive Optimism. 

7 responses to “Thank God for Naive Optimism”

  1. This is so cool! I only wish I could make the ride with you guys. I hope it’s fairly flat there or you can always change your mind and do 30 to 50 kilometers instead of miles.


    1. Well I think Portugal will be hilly and then more flat through France….after we cross the Pyrenees…lol!! Nothing wrong with taking a train as needed!!


  2. Hi there long, lost friend! So happy to see your blog post pop up in my feed today. What an adventure you’re about to embark upon! I’m super proud of you for doing this and being a risk-taker. You’ll have to keep us posted about how it goes. I hope all is well in your life! 🙂


    1. Thanks!! I’m hoping to post weekly. Enjoyed many of your slice posts, as usual. Education right now is so consuming-take care of yourself as much as you take care of others😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much…trying to work on that! I will keep an eye out for your posts. I’m sure you’ll be having many adventures!


  3. What a trip!


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